conducts experiments of art and music

on the west coast of Canada, unceded Coast Salish territories.

A Raven Called Crow started out as a teenage Zinester in Sydney Australia. She was insanely shy and in order to get over it she forced herself to sing. Her first songs were recorded on a 4 track cassette deck on the rooftop of the Future Media Warehouse in Alexandria. That tape is long lost, but the lo-fi style and zine DIY ideals still enchant her work. Her songs are about singing what can't be said. They are about licking wounds till they heal. They sound like dreaming while you are awake. She creates worlds that are simultaneously haunting and playful, dark and hilarious, fragile and fearless.  Her shows are experiences of intimacy and connection and always infused with a wacky performance element. Audiences become orchestras, Dreams become songs. She performs in theatres, back alley bars, sweaty dance parties, living rooms, festivals and galleries.

Her love of collaboration has led her to play and work with  other Musicians such as Jacques Mindreau ( Krasnagorsk, OQO) , Julie Gennai ( Compassion Gorilla, Svetka) Chloe Ziner (Mind of a Snail), Martin Reisle and Elliot Vaughn (The End Tree/ Maria in The Shower) Ben Brown ( Pugs and Crows) Corwin Fox ( Morlove, Chimney Swallows) Raghu Lokaganathan, Kimberley Marinakar, Julio Lopez, Lisa Kay Millar and The Now Orchestra. 


© 2016 by A Raven Called Crow.